About the Bootcamp

Speaker-Bootcamp-Logo_600pOK. You want to be a professional speaker, either full-time or part-time, at colleges and universities.

How can you get their attention? How do you make an impact? What makes you better or different? Why should they hire you? How do you break into the business? What should you charge? How do you get new speaking gigs?

The Speaker Bootcamp will give you real answers straight from the leaders of three major higher-education organizations. They’ll tell you how much you can charge, who is likely to hire you, how to market yourself, how to focus on a specific niche, and much more. They’ve done it themselves! They’ve learned through trial and error over many years.

Hundreds of speaker wannabees contact the American Student Government Association, The Harbor Institute, and the Ceceilyn Miller Institute for Leadership and Diversity in America each year. These major higher education organizations produce nearly two dozen conferences each year which are attended by thousands of student leaders and administrators. They hire dozens of speakers.

The presenters at this conference produce nearly 20 conferences nationwide attended by thousands of student leaders and administrators who could hire you to present!

The three leaders are heads of these organizations and know what they’re looking for in speakers

Expand your speaker network. Learn from proven experts. Audition to become a featured speaker at more than 20 student leadership events.

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